Friday, July 6, 2012

Regeneration for real on the Ground and in Your Mind

Film of the Bristol Green Week Schumacher Lecture 2012: Regeneration for real on the Ground and in Your Mind (more info below). The other green week films can be found here: More on Schumacher here: More on Bristol green week: Regeneration for Real: on the Ground and in Your Mind. Speakers: Kevin McCloud (Channel 4's Grand Designs), Rob Hopkins (Transition Towns Co-founder) & Tim Smit (Founder of the Eden Project). Tonight's speakers personify regeneration -- bringing new life. Through Kevin's work we experience a continuous flow of innovation in design; Rob has brought us the model of the resilient community, and Tim has created one of the most inspiring projects in the country. More info on the speakers: Kevin McCloud Founder of Hab Housing, Author, Broadcaster and Designer. Kevin is best known for the BAFTA-nominated Grand Designs and the Stirling Prize. In 2009 he won a Prix Italia for his Grand Tour. He has made series about architecture, design and urban planning and is currently filming a series about a shed. In 2006 Kevin formed the development company Hab Housing. In partnership, the company is now building sustainable housing schemes across the West of England and last year completed their first scheme, The Triangle in Swindon, which was televised as a three-part series Kevin's Grand Design on Channel 4 in December. Rob Hopkins Rob Hopkins is the co-founder of the Transition <b>...</b>